Era Of Child Artists Turned Actresses Over?

Child Artists

There are different types of individuals in the film industry who are yearning to make their mark and some come with a long journey. We are talking about the child artists who grow up to become heroes and heroines. But how many have been successful is the question.

Among the men, Universal Star Kamal Haasan and senior comedian Ali are still going strong. For sometime, lover boy Tarun shined but he fizzled out soon. That way, nobody has really grown with the child artist image. The same is the case with the girls too.

Child Artists

Child Artists

For a little while, the likes of Shamili, Shalini, Raasi clicked but not for long. We can also include the names of Shanmukha Srinivas, Baladitya and few others. Not many have really grown. They were very popular as child artists but flopped after growing up.

As they got the first movie offers very soon and later there will be no growth for them. Even though there is a huge success some politics are running in the film industry and not having a chance for surviving for them. In the list Raasi continuously got chances upto her marriage. Later her heroine image has went away and started the second innings.

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Child Artists
Some of the child artists got the opportunities in the beginning and later they are not able to survive due to some politics and heavy competition.