Ek Film Ka Sultan Fears For Heroines


There is a famous phrase in Hindi which goes ‘Ek Din Ka Sultan’ and it refers to those who become a hero for just one day. Similarly, this is used in cinema parlance also and the phrase is ‘Ek Film Ka Sultan’. This is referring to heroes and heroines who come and shine in one film and disappear.

This applies more to actresses because many come and go in a jiffy. Currently, the focus is on one girl. She is none other than Keerthy Suresh. As such, she is getting very good fame and name but all are waiting to see whether Keerthy will continue her run or not.

Ek Film Ka Sultan

Ek Film Ka Sultan

We have already seen how starlets like Pragya Jaiswal, Pooja Hegde, Sana Maqbool, Tridha Choudhary, Sakshi Choudhary have got good feedback but failed to get movies further. But Keerthy has got good name so let us see what happens. In the recent past, only Rashi Khanna managed to sustain.

But Keerthy Suresh is also appearing in many film in Tamil and Malayalam film industry. She started up her career in Mollywood and grabbed the opportunities in Kollywood and later in Tollywood. Let’s see how many she grabs with her talent and luck in Tollywood.

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Ek Film Ka Sultan
This is the title giving for the hero and heroines in Tollywood who all appears in one film and then disappears.