Easy Task For Talented Hero Mohanlal

Talented Hero Mohanlal

Talented Hero Mohanlal

Talented Hero Mohanlal have the great following in Kerala. If being a hero is a big achievement, becoming famous in other languages is a peak achievement. Very few heroes have been able to do that and one among them is the Malayalam superstar Mohanlal.

He has given astounding performances in every film of his and now he is on a mission. Apparently, Mohanlal has got two straight Telugu movies, one with director Chandrasekhar Yeleti and another with Koratala Siva.

For this, it is heard that Mohanlal has decided to dub for his own voice so he is learning the language of Telugu. Those who heard this are saying this is just a child’s play for Mohanlal because he is simply too good at what he does.

Mohanlal may not know for the more people for Tollywood fans. But he a epic record in Malayalam for his acting and dialog delivery. No other can replace him in Malayalam. Whatever his weight and age he used to dance with full energy and have the huge fans list in Malayalam.

But now he want to increase his fans list in Tollywood also. So he accepted two movies directly in Telugu and want his own voice dub for the two movies. His dedication of learning Telugu for dubbing proves his hard work towards the movies and why the fans are fond of him.