Dubai Shopping- A Nightmare For Star BFs

A Nightmare For Star BFs

Many prime cities of India are filled with shopping malls and almost all the brands of the world are found here. Despite that, many prefer foreign locations for shopping and this trend is more among the film fraternity. But this is proving to be a nightmare for few.

Usually, Dubai is preferred shopping destination, especially for the heroines. Whenever an event happens in Dubai, the heroines go there and they have their boyfriends tagging along. Sometimes, the boyfriends sponsor a trip to these girls for privacy.

A Nightmare For Star BFs

A Nightmare For Star BFs

But the catch is, shopping in Dubai is very expensive and heroines go on a wild shopping spree when they see the fancy stuff out there. This is digging deep holes in the pockets of boyfriends and they are now dreading with the thought of going to Dubai along with their star girlfriends.

Usually shopping is the biggest thing that girls used to do in their life in their own place. Then just imagine about the heroines those who are going out of the country. The money they spent on the shopping is not a small amount. This entire bill has to be pay by their boyfriend’s only. To make them happy usually boys will spend the money.

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A Nightmare For Star BFs
Shopping in Dubai is the only nightmare for the star Boyfriends because stars immediately starts shopping in Dubai and this causes boy friends afraid of shopping.