Disclaimer Catching Attention for Guntur Talkies


It is a common procedure to come up with disclaimers before a film starts running and this is to ensure the film doesn’t fall in any legal issues. But one film has come up with a disclaimer which is not only safe but also intriguing enough for everyone to have a smile.

We are talking about the film ‘Guntur Talkies’ and the disclaimer for the theatrical trailer goes ‘If you are below 18, a heart patient, a pregnant woman, a sensitive person or looking for controversy please refrain from watching this trailer.’

Guntur Talkies

Guntur Talkies

The film is slated to be a cult con comedy and it is directed by the national award winner Praveen Sattaru. This has Siddarth Jonnalagadda as the hero along with senior actor Naresh in the lead. The leading ladies are the coolbeauty Shraddha Das and the ravishingly cool Rashmi Gautham. The disclaimer has done its job so let us wish the film also repeats that magic.

Rashmi Gautham acted up in many films as a character artist. She mainly appeared as heroine friend in many films. This is the first movie she is going to play a lead role in which she should prove her what she is.

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Guntur Talkies
Guntur Talkies is an upcoming film which released the trailer recently and warning it is not for below 18 and heart patients and pregnant women.