Director’s Restaurants Facing Fights

Director's Restaurants Facing Fights

Director’s Restaurants Facing Fights

Director’s Restaurants Facing Fights in Tollywood. It is a common thing to see film personalities venturing into other businesses especially food. One name that scoolto fame in recent times is that of director Kuchipudi Venkat. He has come up with a chain of restaurants.

He started with ‘Ulavacharu’ and then followed it up with ‘ATB’ ‘WAK’ ‘Kitchen Of Kuchipudi’ ‘7 Biryanis’ and now he is planning to start another one called ‘ISD (idli sambar dosa)’. All this sounds fine but here is the twist.

Now too many restaurants have come up and focus is not there for Venkat. Sources say the taste has fallen, proximity also has come down. In this midst, he wants to come up with something new which is not a smart move. He set up a same restaurant in US but focus on management and quality is dipping. Some are saying this is just like RGV making movies.

He started his career with Modati Cinema and that is the movie to represent his entry into the film industry. This movie doesn’t have a great success but it made Kuchipudi Venkat introduction in the film industry. After many up and downs he was directing the movies further.

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