Director’s Outdoor Shootings For Extra Maritals

Director's Outdoor Shootings

Director’s Outdoor Shootings

Director’s Outdoor Shootings is only for extra maritals. Though it is not spoken much in the open, there is a lot of womanizing that keeps happening in the tinsel town and some of them have their own style and strategies to gain their pleasures.

The talk now is about one noted director in Tollywood who is married but has many extra maritals. He has a plan for that. He plans outdoor shooting for a period of ten to fiftien days at any cost.

He does that so that he can take his girlfriends to that location and he has a live-in relationship with that girl till the schedule is finished. Also, each time he does a project, he takes a new girl. That’s the story! This type of directors are mostly want their movies with high budget not for the sake of movie promotions only for the personal use.

There will be a entertainment for those directors with their girl friends in the shooting spot. Moreover they spend more time with their girl friends rather than the movie work. This ruins the work of the movie and loss of money also.Directors should not have their personal attention to their professional life. If it is personal then they should have a separate trip with their girl friends.

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Director's Outdoor Shootings
Why some directors prefer outdoor shootings and what the reason behind this is really shocking...