Director RGV Rs 30 Lakhs Expenditure Per Month


These days cost cutting is the key for any film and every project looks at ways and means of doing it. Most of the job is entrusted to the director because he is the captain of the ship. Hence, they do their best to curb expenditure when it comes to their office and other things.

Now, that is not the case with one director. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. It is heard that his monthly expenditure now is a whopping 30 lakhs. It is known that RGV has shifted to Mumbai from Hyderabad few weeks back.

RGV Rs 30 Lakhs Expenditure

RGV Rs 30 Lakhs Expenditure

He has setup a new office in Veera Desai Road in Andheri and the office rent, current charges itself is touching 15 lakhs per month. Apart from that, his personal maintenance and staff salaries are touching another 15 lakhs. As such, RGV has an affluent lifestyle so 30 lakhs is expected. But nobody knows how he manages to make so much money.

It is heard that this would take one more month for completion and the office is set up in Veera Desai road in Andheri West, Mumbai. Recently, some Tollywood folks also visited RGV’s new office and they were blown away by the interiors and the grandeur inside.

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RGV Rs 30 Lakhs Expenditure
RGV is going to spend Rs. 30 lakhs per month as his expenditure. No one is getting how he is going to manage high amount of monthly expenses.