Director RGV Remaking His Own Film?

Director RGV Remaking

The concept of remakes revolves around picking up the script of a hit movie, make changes to suit the nativity and remake it. Most of the times, it is only free makes without incurring any expenditure. But can a director remake his own film?

It sounds a bit unusual but a vinemaking rounds is that the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is currently remaking his own film. They state that ‘Vangaveeti’ is more or less the remake of his earlier film ‘Bejawada’. But when RGV’s team was asked the same, clarification was obtained.

Director RGV Remaking

Director RGV Remaking

They said “There is a significant difference between Bejawada and Vangaveeti. Some are thinking it is a remake but that is fiction and this is real. Also, RGV was not the director for ‘Bejawada’. It was his protégé. But ‘Vangaveeti’ will be helmed by RGV only. So, don’t have any further doubts.”

In the past, Ram Gopal Varma has managed to sneak his way through the censor iron gates and release his film and this time also he needs to work on it. How he is going to do that and whether he will be able to schard through smoothly or not will be answered in the days to come.

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Director RGV Remaking
RGV remaking his own films now. Bejawada movie is remaking like Vangaveeti with the same concept but there will be huge difference.