Director RGV Fans Angry On Sivaji

RGV Fans Angry On Sivaji

Few relations between the members of the film fraternity and outsiders can never change. Top among them is the relationship between actors and their fans. At the same time, there are also those directors who also have a wide base of fans.

One among them is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and news is that his fans are currently spitting fire on one hero. He is none other than Sivaji. In the recent past, Sivaji has made few media appearances for different issues and spoke blatantly.

RGV Fans Angry On Sivaji

RGV Fans Angry On Sivaji

He has repeated the same with RGV and his new movie ‘Vangaveeti’. Sivaji reportedly asked “Why is RGV doing this, what is the need.” This has not gone too well with the director’s fans and they are blasting Sivaji on social media. Wonder what RGV has to say to this.

That was a live show in which Sivaji called and spoke with RGV for making the movie Vangaveeti. For this RGV responded that I will make a movie with my knowledge. It’s your wish to watch the movie and enjoy it. He also said that not to take class like a teacher. For this again Sivaji called back and said he is not taking class he just advising for the things not to happen again.

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RGV Fans Angry On Sivaji
Sivaji made a phone call to the live show and commented on RGV new film Vangaveeti, by saying that the movie will create the violence again.