Director Rajamouli Upset For Missing Director Award?


It is one of India’s biggest dream projects which was expected to become a blockbuster hit and as per expectations, it definitely hit the bull’s eye. The magnum opus Bahubali needs no introduction for the records it created!

Now after the blockbuster collections, it is the turn of awards. Apart from many other eventful rewards, Bahubali securing National Award for Best Film is considered a milestone. Director Rajamouli has expressed his happiness in the form of a tweet.

Director Rajamouli Upset

Director Rajamouli Upset

But most people who read the tweet have some felt that he wasn’t that happy again. It is being speculated that he may have expected even the Best director award at national level, and hence his happiness was subdued. It is common to have an expectation to have awards for the apparent work of Rajamouli for Bahubali movie.

Recently this movie got the National Award and the movie unit and many other celebrities are very happy to share this news in the social media. At the same time Rajamouli also shared his happiness in the social media by a tweet. But sources says that Rajamouli also excepted a special award for him as a director. But the National Awards team not announced any awards for him specially. Hope for Bahubali 2 Rajamouli will get a special award. Ladduz Team Congratulating Bahubali Team for having National Awards for Best Film!

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Director Rajamouli Upset
Rajamouli is one of the most talented director in the film industry feeling upset for not getting director award in National Awards. For Bahubali movie Best Film award is announced and everyone proud to have this award.