Dialogue King Sai Kumar 2019 Vision

Sai Kumar 2019 Vision

For any actor to create that right kind of impact, he must be good at dialogue delivery. There are many actors who don’t have expressions but have the right dialogue delivery and they have become big stars. And some actors became stars because of their dubbing artists.

One man who is famous for his dialogues is dialogue king Sai Kumar. His voice thunders in theaters and people go crazy over it. Recently, Sai Kumar got to share his thoughts and he made it clear that he will become an MLA at any cost. His target is the coming elections in 2019.

Sai Kumar 2019 Vision

Sai Kumar 2019 Vision

Already, Sai Kumar attempted for the MLA seat in Bagepalli in Karnataka but missed victory by a whisker. He had also tried for an MP ticket from Vizainagaram but luck didn’t favor him then. Overall, it looks like the dialogue king is sure going to achieve his target given his determination.

In the interview he said that it is his passion to win in the elections. After a settlement of Aadi career in film industry, he completely want to focus on politics. He also said that it is his dream to win out in the elections.

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Sai Kumar 2019 Vision
Dialogue King Sai Kumar 2019 Vision is to be elected as MLA in the elections. Previously he tried and failed in a difference of 2000 votes.