Dasari’s Clarity For Press Meets At His House

Dasari's Clarity For Press Meets

Dasari’s Clarity For Press Meets

Dasari’s Clarity For Press Meets at his house everytime. No matter how many current generation heroes and heroines come, there is always a special place for seniors. This is the reason why many seniors are invited for different film related events. One among them is Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao.

However, it is heard that Dasari has adopted a new formula these days. Whenever Dasari is being invited for a press meet, he is saying get it done at my place. Of course, his place has sufficient space to accommodate a sizeable crowd.

Dasari's Clarity For Press MeetsBut that also means proper decoration and stage setup needs to be there and a minimum grandeur is his requirement which suits his image and persona. Some of the film teams are obliging to this requirement and some are also finding this to be a beneficial option.

In the past also there are many press meetings that are held in Dasari Narayana House. It will be comfortable for him to take up the press meet in his house. It is beneficial for the media also so that they can travel direct to his house if any controversy occurs. Also there will be no trouble for the fans of him at the outside world.

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Dasari's Clarity For Press Meets
Dasari Narayana Rao Clarity For Press Meets that are being held at his house has become official now as there is a lot of comfort for him.