Curiosity Over Rakul’s Dub in Nannaku Prematho


Rakul’s Dub in Nannaku Prematho

Rakul’s Dub in Nannaku Prematho making her very curious to know how it is from her fans. Anything that a noted celebrity goes garners attention and if it is a heroine then the reactions are more. This is the reason why the new act of the sweet Punjabi Lassi Rakul Preet Singh is triggering a lot of curiosity from cine buffs.

Well, it is known that Rakul is all set to debut with her voice because she is dubbing for her own self in the movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’. Given the time she has been in Tollywood, she has picked up Telugu very swiftly.

Rakul's Dub in Nannaku PremathoThe curiosity part is, how well will Rakul deliver the lines in Telugu. From her end, Rakul looks very confident and she has a sweet voice too. But unless ‘Nannaku Prematho’ releases, we cannot be sure if Rakul has hit the target or not. For now, good luck Rakul!

She had a special interview after her dub. She was so excited at the moment she gives dub with her own voice. She said it is very tough to do this job but she is happy for doing this job successfully. She also said that she is eagerly waiting for the movie to release and know the compliments from the fans about her voice dub in the film.

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Rakul's Dub in Nannaku Prematho
Rakul Preet Singh voice dub in Nannaku Prematho