cool Poster SingleX Insults Gautama Buddha?


Religious sentiments are always very sensitive across the globe and anyone who violates or disrespects them tends to face a lot of Poster SingleX creating controversy. Usually, it is the entertainment industry which faces flak when they come up with something perceived as offensive.

One poster which is now raising eyebrows is that of the short film ‘Single X’ which is coming from the new banner of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. It is going to be released in his Youtube channel. The poster shows a woman with a cool leg showing it to an idol of Gautham Buddha.



Not stopping at that, the poster also has a caption which is rather vulgar. Some of them have flagged up the issue citing this is insulting Buddha but there are also many who say it doesn’t really matter to RGV and he would have done that deliberately.

Sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma creates a sensation with his any work. He know how to give publicity for his movies. That is the reason why Ram Gopal Varma used to be in the news with his different tricks. His career started with the movie Shiva and this creates a special hit for him in Tollywood.

cool Poster

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Sexy Poster SingleX
RGV short film SingleX creating controversies. Actress semi nude poster is insulting the Gautham Buddha by placing an idol in the shot.