Comedian To Hero: More Money, More Holidays

Comedian To Hero

There are different verticals of acting in the entertainment industry and while many of them want to become heroes, some end up becoming comedians. On the other hand, there are those who start as comedians but become heroes on the way. They know a good difference.

Despite the fact that the audience wants to see them as comedians they prefer to be seen as heroes. The reason being, Hero means more money more holidays and the treatment is of a completely different range. The same is not so with the comedian.

Comedian To Hero

Comedian To Hero

As a comedian, there will be no rest and there is constant work. One name to be taken here is that of Sunil and he reportedly said that though offers have come down he is getting time to spend with family and some for his personal space. No wonder he stuck to hero roles only till now.

who stand for their values. Currently, he is on his toes promoting the film ‘Krishnashtami’ and facing a lot of media. Krishnastami movie got a good response in the viewers. Though the general impression on film industry people and their lifestyle is not that great for the regular people, there are always those.

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Comedian To Hero
The life of Sunil started as comedian and settled as hero now. This change gave him more number of holidays to spend with his family.