Comedian Ali Is Changed And Disturbed


Just like heroes have their own signature style and image, even some of the comedians in Tollywood have their own image and impression. Among them, senior comedian Ali is known for his hilarious image and it is not just on-screen but even off the screen. But now Ali is changed says Tollywood.

But lately, a change has been observed in him, as per close sources. Ali was known for his funny statements on heroines and in few instances, that led to some controversies. In fact, the last few times Ali’s name came into the media only for those comments and the ensuing controversies.

Comedian Ali Is Changed

Comedian Ali Is Changed

Now, it appears that the effect has fallen on Ali and reports say he has stopped anchoring film related events and is not opening his mouth unnecessarily. Even if someone approaches him with a question, he is giving a specific answer related to the point and keeping silent. His fans are feeling bad over the way Ali looks disturbed and changed.

This also makes the less controversies in the film industry. Whenever Ali is giving a comedy punch on the heroines immediately there is a big controversy starts up in the Tollywood. Even though Ali is keeping quiet many people are eagerly waiting out for the Ali punch.

Article Name
Comedian Ali Is Changed
After many controversies in Tollywood Ali is changed and now he is not commenting heroines in any show. Also he reduced to host the shows.