Chiranjeevi’s 150th Film will Fulfill his Dreams?

Chiranjeevi's 150th Film

Chiranjeevi’s 150th Film

Chiranjeevi’s 150th Film is getting more and more exciting news day by day. Many among you are fans of Megastar Chiranjeevi but did you know that even Chiranjeevi had his unfulfilled dreams. Long back, he was sharing his thoughts in an interview and he revealed something interesting.

His unfulfilled wish he said was he wanted to act with the everlasting beauty Madhuri Dixit. During another film function, the evergreen Diva Rekha once mentioned that she desired to act with Chiru at least for one scene.

So, the talk making rounds is, will the makers of Chiru’s 150th try for Madhuri or Rekha in his prestigious project. If this happens it is going to be a wonderful coup of sorts and will take the film’s range to a new level.

Also there is more expectations on Chiranjeevi 150th film because he is going to act in the films after a long time. This creates an excitement on Chirnjjevi 150th film. Now if Madhuri or Rekha is going to be a part of this movie then definitely this movie will have a special look.

The movie also will be having the commercial hit after release as there are huge fans for Rekha and Madhuri Dixit moreover. So fans just want to wait and see to know who becomes a perfect match for Chiranjeevi for his 150th film.

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