Chiranjeevi Opens Hands For Palmists


It is always interesting and fascinating to know about one’s future and this is where the fields of palmistry, astrology and numerology play a key role. The film industry has a firm belief in these things and it is always thrilling to know about the fate of a celebrity. Recently, one still has come wherein Megastar Chiranjeevi was doing a gesture opening his hands and his right palm was seen clearly.

This was immediately grabbed and many palmists are now busy analyzing it. One of the palmists said “Chiranjeevi’s future is very bright. He will quit politics and rule film industry in future.”

Chiranjeevi Opens Hands


While this is his observation, there are others who are saying “What is there that Chiranjeevi has not achieved. He is already the king of Tollywood and has also got the prestigious Padma Bhushan.” The debate continues and further predictions are also in the way.

Chiru’s movie cannot be taken easily so each and every step is being planned in the perfect manner. Including the trailers as part of this is the special style. So, trailers according to story are being planned and keep watching this space for further details. Director VV Vinayak want to put the special trailer as fans expected as it is a 150th movie of Chiru after a long time. Finally actress Nayanatara is going to appear as Chiru pair in the movie.

Article Name
Chiranjeevi Opens Hands
Chiranjeevi just want to know about his future, so he just placing his hands open to Palmists. He had bright future in Politics and movies is still to be known!