Charmme’s Tweets Prove Gossip Is True

Charmme's Tweets

Charmme’s Tweets

Charmme’s Tweets can make a perfect clarification on Puri break up. When some allegation comes on you and you don’t refute it, the general understanding is, it could be true. That seems to be the case right now when it comes to the issue between speed director Puri Jagannadh and charming beauty Charmme.

It is known that the last few days saw a lot of buzz about Puri- Charmme breakup news. The social media is also going abuzz with this but till now, Charmme has not given any counter tweet.

With this, many are saying silence is half acceptance and this is being taken as true by them. For now, Puri is off to a foreign location with his family to celebrate the New Year. Let us wait to hear from Charmme then.

Puri Jagannadh asked Charmme to leave out his production house and go away. This is the latest gossip that going viral from past weeks in Tollywood film industry. Now this is looking as the true news as there is no counter punch from Charmme.

Even Lavanya wife of Puri also tweeted that she is happy for the change in her husband. This tweet also confirming that the family of Puri is happy after the break up of Puri with Charmme. The story can be revealed out only when Charmme open up in the social media.

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Charmee and Puri Break up
Charmee and Puri break up issue in the film industry will get a perfect clarification only when Charmee tweets on the social media