Charmi’s Blessings For Young Music Director

Charmi's Blessings For Young Music Director

Charmi’s Blessings For Young Music Director

Charmi’s Blessings for young music director Sunil Kashyap. You may be very talented and hard working but you also need someone’s support to prove yourself. This happens a lot in the film industry and it is heard that the charming beauty Charmi has given her blessings to someone.

His name is Sunil Kashyap and he happens to be a talented music director. Sunil did the movie ‘Romeo’ and there he met Charmi. From there on, they shared a strong sister- brother relationship.

Then Sunil was roped in for ‘Jyothi lakshmi’ and he did a good job. When the film ‘Loafer’ was worked with Nithiin it is heard that Charmi spoke and got Sunil on board but though Nithin backed out Sunil’s music continued for the movie.

O Malli, Sneha Geetam, Romeo, Back Bench Student, Jyothi Lakshmi are the movies for which Sunil Kashyap worked as a music composer. His work in composing music had a different style. Some of his songs are very much pleasant to here.

Sunil Kashyap’s music sometimes defines the feelings of the real life stories. Hope this made Charmi to listen up and encourage to Sunil Kashyap. Their relation as a brother and sister should live long life.