Chandrabose Becomes Go-To Man!


Though there are 24 crafts in the cinema and all of them put equal efforts, the fame and name goes to only some departments. Notable among them are the actors, directors, music directors and to an extent the cinematographers. After that, it is lyricists but it is negligible.

Given that situation, it has come as a surprise that the noted lyricist Chandrabose has suddenly become the Go-To man. The reason being, Chandrabose is the brand ambassador for the upcoming North American Telugu Association (NATA) event to be held in USA.



Chandrabose is a great lyricist in Tollywood. His talent and hard work gave him chances to overcome the struggles in the film industry. He is very much capable of writing lyrics. His spontaneous in some television shows exposes his talent of writing Telugu words in the form of songs. Many hit songs are there in his film career.

With this, many aspirants and upcoming celebrities in Tollywood are approaching Chandrabose and seeking his blessings. They are hopeful that with his recommendation, they can get a chance to be a part of NATA celebrations and make their presence felt. So that they can have an easy entry into the NATA soon. That’s the story!

Article Name
Chandrabose Becomes Go-To Man
Many people are approaching Chandrabose for having an easy entry into North American Telugu Association (NATA) event to be held in USA.