Chakri Family Fights has No Public Sympathy

Chakri Family Fights

Whenever issues crop up related to family and personal matters, it is best resolved through amicable solutions and discussions within the four walls. But the moment you bring it out on the road, you end up becoming a joke for the public because they don’t have time and sympathy for such things.

And if you hail from the family of a celebrity then it is even more needed that you keep things in a dignified manner. But none of this is getting into the heads of the family of the late music director Chakri. His mother Kalavathi and brother Mahith have hit the roads regarding one property.

Chakri Family Fights

Chakri Family Fights

They were also taken to the police station and as usual, they are blaming Chakri’s wife for the whole thing. Whether their contention is true or not, if they expect that public will come and support them for such issues then it is a big blunder they are making. Hope they realize it soon.

They are always thinking about blaming the other family member. But really this cuts down the Chakri image in the public. They are not putting themselves on the roads, they are putting entire Chakri name and fame on the roads and really this will be hurting for Chakri fans.

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Chakri Family Fights
Day by day the disturbances in Chakri family is increasing. His mother and brother complaining on Chakri's wife and she is complaining on them. This really getting down the Chakri name and fame.