Celebrity Cricket League Mania Starts

Celebrity Cricket League

Celebrity Cricket League

Celebrity Cricket League Mania starts with new excitement. The game of cricket is nothing short of a religion in our country and the passion is very high. The next most admired thing in India after cricket is cinema. So, you can imagine the kind of excitement and enthusiasm when these two fields meet at the same venue.

This is the brilliant concept of entrepreneur Vishnu Induri who came up with ‘Celebrity Cricket League’ and now the mania has begun for the fifth edition. The matches happen during the months of January and February.

Celebrity Cricket LeagueIt is heard that a total of eight industries would be a part of it with the addition of Punjabi film industry. Given that, there are reports that many actors and actresses are doing their best to be a part of this prestigious event. The famous group Parle has associated with CCL this time.

Also we should see who all will be taken for the cricket team this time from Tollywood. Many new actors are introduced into the team and who all get the chance is the suspense. The team may be decided within few days and there will be launching CCL with their captains. Last time Venkatesh took the captain place and hope this time also he should take the same position.

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Celebrity Cricket League
Celebrity Cricket League Mania starts as the new year starts up. In the month of January and February this CCL will be conducted.