Kuchipudi Venkat Chef In Hyderabad Now

Kuchipudi Venkat

The art of cooking is really a blessing and those who can cook well always win the hearts of many. Though it is considered a female bastion there are those men who have emerged as celebrities in this field. Notable among them is Sanjeev Kapoor who is known worldwide.

Now, one man is being called as the celebrity chef in Hyderabad. He is none other than director Kuchipudi Venkat and in the recent years, he has emerged as a food baron. Venkat’s food joints like ‘ATB’ ‘Kitchen Off Kuchipudu’ are the sought after destinations.

Kuchipudi Venkat

Kuchipudi Venkat

The best thing about the whole setup is Venkat comes up with some of his own recipes through some special combinations and that attracts the crowds in a big way. At the moment, Kuchipudi Venkat has become a brand of his own in the food industry.

This shows the special interest of Kuchipudi Venkat in the food. He is not  much attention to taste the food but he always have the keen interest to make others to taste the food. Really the people went there are saying that the food is really nice. Especially there is common food with some special varieties that people no getting anywhere.

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Kuchipudi Venkat
Venkat making the people to attract towards their restaurant in Hyderabad. The taste of food is really good and people are attracted to the varieties in the restaurant.