Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam Causes Traffic Jam

Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam

The culture of treating celebrities as someone very special and doing the demigod worship prevails perhaps only in India. Hence, whenever a film celebrity is seen in some outside places, crowds gather within seconds to have a glimpse or take pictures. Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam is going to start.

Currently, it is heard that a major traffic jam is being witnessed near the Gachibowli stadium in Hyderabad. The reason being, some of the big Tollywood celebrities are currently rehearsing for the upcoming IIFA Utsavam which would be held there.

 Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam

Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam

The likes of mega powerstar Ram Charan, Akkineni Akhil, rock star Devi Sri Prasad, Allu Sirish, expressive seductress Regina and others are going to perform. So, they are coming for their rehearsals and knowing this, many are flocking to catch a glimpse. This is leading to a traffic jam.

In general there will be huge traffic in Hyderabad. In the meanwhile if celebrities enter into such areas then there will be lot of people appearing there to see them. Even celebrities also feel uncomfortable for having such huge traffic while they are going to have practice for such shows in their busy schedules. Let’s see how many will have of having the IIFA Utsavam.

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Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam
Celeb Hungama for IIFA Utsavam going to start in Hyderabad and this leads to a heavy traffic jam in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.