Celeb Fans Afraid To Share Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

The social media and its impact is so high that the film fraternity members choose this platform for their promotion. At the same time, things spread so rapidly in this circuit that one has to be careful about what they want to publish or speak.

In lieu of that, it is being noticed that many celebrity fans are not really comfortable with the idea of sharing one film’s link. This is the movie ‘Vangaveeti’ and it is heard that some of the celebrities also are thinking twice to talk about it.

Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti

This is because the film has to do with the infamous Kamma-Kapu political war which took place in Vijayawada and gave rise to new era of rowdyism and killing. Fact is, the majority of Tollywood comprises of only these two communities so you can understand the reason now.

However, what makes the song excellent is the lyrics by Sirasri. It gives a nice insight on Kamma mentality and Kapu mentality. The essence revolves around Kammas and their power play while Kapus countering it. The song is reflecting that clash which erupted into a bloodbath in Vijayawada. Even RGV was quite impressed with the song and shared his thoughts through his tweets.

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Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti
Celebrities are feeling afraid to share the link of Kamma Kapu Song in Vangaveeti movie. Because they are thinking that from where the controversy comes.