Can She Beat Shruti?

Can She Beat Shruti

Can She Beat Shruti

Can She Beat Shruti in dancing?? Among our star heroines, hazel eyed Shruti Hassan is rated as best dancer. Even our star heroes find it tough to match Shruti’s flexible moves on dance floor.

Well now here is a stunning competitor for the charming lady. It is none other than the hottie Adah Sharma, the Heart Attack girl who is awaiting a right chance to show her mettle.

The teasers of hero Aadi’s “Garam” songs prove her moves as dancer with Adah looking graceful in complex dance moves. Let’s see if she can really surpass our Hassan baby!

Before Shruti Hassan there is also other heroine who dance very well along with the hero. That is none other than Tamannah who dance in a grace along with the hero. Any tough movements can be easily handled by Tamannah who is a great dancer. Her body  movements make her fans to tie around her.

Later after Tamannah again Shruti Hassan came to the race. At the begining of her career there is no much dance in her movies. Later while acting with Allu Arjun and Ram Charan her talent has came out with young dynamic dancers. This improves her dancing style more in her movies. Let’s see Adah Sharma beat up Shruti Hassan or not.