Can Film Piracy Be Made Equal To Rape?

Film Piracy

Film Piracy

Film Piracy is the main thing that follows before the movie release. You know well that hard as a crime has huge repulsion. That act is hated to the core and reaction is very severe. But when it comes to piracy there is no sympathy from public. Of course, it is not an abuse but its fatalities are high.

Each year, hundreds of crores are lost by film industry due to piracy and there is a need to come up with some aggressive campaign highlighting the damage and loss it is causing. This would ensure things will change.

Though some say it is not as gruesome as hard, fact remains that piracy is actually responsible for making many producers go bankrupt and their lives come on the road. Let us wish things change very soon and industry survives.

Now piracy is getting more visual more before the movie release. In previous days people used to make piracy only after the movie release but now before the release itself the movie is getting leaked. This also causes more loss to the film industry.

Dialogues, fighting shoots or any other content from the movie is easily getting piracy now in very fast manner. This should be eradicated and they should get punished immediately legally.

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Film Piracy
Loss to the film industry by the film piracy and how the people should get punish if the movie is pirated will be defining in this article.