Brand Image Of Director Is No More for Vennello Hai Hai Film


For any individual to be successful in the entertainment industry it is important to develop a brand quotient and it is more required for the heroes and directors. In Tollywood, there are those directors who have a brand of their own which is the crowd puller.

Many years ago, one director used to have it for the type of films he made but now he seems to have lost it. We are talking about the senior director Vamsy and he has now arrived with his new film ‘Vennello Hai Hai’. The film has released with zero hype.

Vennello Hai Hai

Vennello Hai Hai

Reports reveal the theaters are showing less than 20 percent occupancy and even the big multiplexes have not allotted a show. Only one afternoon 3 pm show has been given by Prasad and sources say this was also given out of repeated requests.

Some directors after some failures will not get any recognition as there no hit movies from them. This is same happen to the director Vamsy for his new movie. There are no distributors to occupy the movie. First viewers should know whether movie is good or not. But here even for testing also there are no vacancy for the movie release in the theaters.

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Vennello Hai Hai
Vennello Hai Hai is the film from the director Vamsy where there is no promotions and even more number of theaters are also not provided for this movie.