Brahmanandam Stage Show shows his Unique Talent

Brahmanandam Stage Show

Brahmanandam Stage Show

Brahmanandam Stage Show in Kakinada shows the real Brahmi to his fans. Though Tollywood is filled with abundant range of comedians, the number one spot belongs to only one man. He is none other than Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam. From decades, he has been entertaining the Telugu audience with his antics and performances.

Recently, he also showed his other side which squeezed the hearts of people. Brahmi was part of an event in Bheemavaram where he cracked few jokes at first and sent the audience into peals of laughter. But what happened later was the highlight.

Brahmanandam Stage ShowHe came up with a performance regarding the mentally challenged and that struck the raw nerve of everyone. Some of them were seen getting tears in their eyes and they were completely moved by Brahmi’s performance. Notable among them are TDP leaders Kodela Sivaprasad Rao and Minister Kamineni Srinivas.

This is the get together of the old students in Medical college. Each segment of mentally retarded children behavior shows up in his acting and this is really a great talent of Brahmanandam. He made everyone to feel cry with his acting. This also shows up how the mentally retarded childrens are feeling bad in the society with the rude behavior.

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Brahmanandam Stage Show
Brahmanandam Stage Show in Kakinada make all the people to cry with his tremendous acting skills as mentally retarded child.