Brahmanandam Mercedes Benz becomes Big In Tollywood

Brahmanandam Mercedes Benz

There is an unusual trend that runs highly on Tollywood and it has to do with pomp and flaunting. Whenever someone noted buys a special branded goggles, immediately few more will follow him. Similarly, if a big celebrity has adopted a new hairstyle the same will be followed by others.

When such small things are copied you can imagine what happens in big things. The common comparison that happens among Tollywood celebrities is about cars. Many keep comparing with each other over which car they have and how costly it is.

Brahmanandam Mercedes Benz

Brahmanandam Mercedes Benz

If big actors have sons then they will have more of this fervor and there are also those who keep changing these luxury brands now and then. Recently, Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam bought a high-end Mercedes Benz and sources say he did that on his son’s recommendation.

Now a days in Tollywood Brahmanadam have the huge fan following and also the big budget movies are selecting him for their movies. The cost of remuneration of Brahmi is also increased now. So Brahmi has taken the decision to have luxurious car. His son also recommended to take Merceds Benz and now Brahmi owned a car. Congratulations to Brahmi!

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Brahmanandam Mercedes Benz
Brahmanandam is one of the top most comedian in Tollywood and now he bought a new Mercedes Benz with his son's recommendation. One of the tollywood hero of comedian owns a car now.