Brahmanandam Controversy with Media

Brahmanandam Controversy

Once you become a part of the film industry and as you start becoming famous, the chances are very high that you would be subject to different rumors and gossips. A majority of them are bound to be negative. It all depends how you receive and respond to them.

This is something Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam is very good at. From a long time, there is a strong buzz that Brahmi demands caravan on the sets, he leaves sharp at 6 pm and takes 5 lakhs as daily call sheet remuneration. Finally, the man himself spoke about it.

Brahmanandam Controversy

Brahmanandam Controversy

Brahmi reportedly confirmed that caravan is given but asked what is wrong with it. He reportedly clarified that remuneration is not demanded but is given. He also stated that his leaving at 6 pm need not be magnified into a large issue. Well, that’s his answer.

As the demand for Brahmanandam has got increased in the film industry other requirements are provided to him slowly. Also there is nothing wrong of providing caravan because his seniority and his hard work got him everything. Today he is in high position only because of his work. This was the great answer given by Brahmanandam to the people who asked about his luxuries in the sets.

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Brahmanandam Controversy
Brahmanandam recently clarified about the luxuries providing for him in the sets and reversely he put question to the media what's wrong in it.