Boyapati Keen On Grabbing Balakrishna 100th Film

Balakrishna 100th Film

When a big star is approaching a landmark journey in terms of films there are many who wish to associate with him and go down in history with golden letters. Tollywood has got such stalwarts and one among them is Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna.

He is currently in the preparation to do his 100th film and there are many contenders for it. While different projects were announced it is heard that one director is moving heaven and earth to become the chosen one. He is none other than the mass specialist Boyapati Srinu.

Balakrishna 100th Film

Balakrishna 100th Film

In the past, Boyapati holds the credit of giving two big blockbusters to Balakrishna in the form of ‘Legend’ and ‘Simha’. Hence, there is news that he wants to give one more big hit to Balayya and score hat trick. Along with that, Boyapati is reportedly keen to hold the prestigious chance of directing Balayya’s 100th film.

Still there is a confusion for Balayya 100th movie. Some are saying that Aditya 999 will be his 100th movie. But some are saying that Rama Rao Garu will be his 100th movie. If the final decision is get over by Balakrishna then there will be a official announcement. Let us see what happens.

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Balakrishna 100th Film
There is no final announcement on Balayya 100th film. Now the latest news update is Boyapati Sreenu is planning a script to do with Balayya 100th film.