Box Office: Bumpy Ride Week with new Films

Box Office

The pace at which the fate of a cinema gets decided is quite high and after the release on Friday, the first weekend of release more or less seals the estimated business run. Last Friday saw the release of three straight films and few dubbed flicks as well.

Among them, the first place has gone to Kalyana Vaibhogame featuring the handsome stud Naga Shourya and the sensuous Malavika Nair. This family entertainer directed by Nandini Reddy got the right response and is racing well. The second release is Shourya.

Box Office

Box Office

Though it is directed by the dignified Dasaradh, the film failed to evoke any response. Last but not the least, Guntur Talkies has struck a chord with the B, C center audience and its crime thriller genre has kept the ladies away. Despite that, it entertained in a big way.

Kalyana Vaibhogame movie is completely full fledged family entertainment movie with new variations in parents. Shourya is an thriller movie with love. Guntur Talkies is one of the movie for with coolscenes. By these three movie this has become the box office collection week in this month. All the three movie are competing themselves for the collections at the box office.

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Box Office
Box office got the more collections this week with the movies Kalyana Vaibhogame, Guntur Talkies and Shourya Movie. There is a high competition for these three movies at box office.