Big Tollywood Star For Huge TRP

Tollywood Star

Tollywood Star

Tollywood Star competition working out for Mahesh Babu rather than Pawan Kalyan. For someone to be successful in the small screen market, it is essential to have a good score of TRP. This is more for the film heroes because if their films have to fetch a good satellite rights price, their following has to be strong.

Though Tollywood has got many stars with sizeable following on small screen, there is only one star who is number one. He is none other than superstar Mahesh Babu. His films have a lot of patronage from the home audience.

As a result, the satellite rights of his films are taken for a bomb price. In fact, the satellite market strength for Mahesh is much higher than Power Star Pawan Kalyan also. The reason being, Mahesh has a lot of admirers among the ladies.

Fan following of Pawan Kalyan is more in public but when compared to Mahesh Babu it is very less. As there is huge fans of Mahesh Babu in ladies he is getting more TRP than Pawan Kalyan. Also the movie releases of Pawan Kalyan is also very less when compared to Pawan Kalyan.

It is because Pawan Kalyan is circulating in the film industry before Mahesh Babu starts his career in the film industry as a hero. Before that Mahesh Babu acted as a child artist in many films with the grace of his father Krishna.

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Tollywood Star
Tollywood Star craze got more TRP for Mahesh Babu when compared to Pawan Kalyan