Big Challenge to Andhra Pradesh Government

Andhra Pradesh Government

Whenever a state government comes up with new initiatives, it tends to draw comparisons with the neighboring states and that gains significance. The Andhra Pradesh government is currently coming under scanner for some measures related to entertainment industry.

It is known that the Tamil Nadu government has given entertainment tax waiver for films that come with Tamil titles and they also followed the same for the latest film ‘Bangalore Natkal’. Even here, the Telangana government gave waiver for the historical opus ‘Rudhramadevi’.

Andhra Pradesh Government

Andhra Pradesh Government

While all this is happening, some are asking whether the Andhra Pradesh government will also take up some initiatives to encourage film industry. Given the fact that majority of Tollywood hails from Andhra side, taking a step like this would surely make a difference.

The changes in the other State Government also challenging Andhra Pradesh Government to take out of the tax waiver on the movies. Atleast it is not applicable for all the movies some exception should be given for some historic films. Or else there will be some tax redeemed for some small budget films. This helps out the movie unit if there is no success. Let’s wait and see what Andhra Pradesh Government will do!

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Andhra Pradesh Government
Tamil Nadu and Telangana Government gave the reduction in tax waiver for some category of movies. Now it's the turn of AP to do this.