Big Challenge For Producers In Tollywood

Big Challenge For Producers

Tollywood is no longer a small industry and by its standards it is competing with the big Bollywood in terms of quality and film production. As a result, the media has also become quite active and vast. But this is proving to be a challenge for the Producers in Tollywood.

This is especially in terms of the web media. A number of websites have come up in the recent past and the total is nearly 200. They are approaching the Producers and asking them to add and send mail to them when press meets happen. The senior Producers are handling it in a different way.

Big Challenge For Producers

Big Challenge For Producers

They say “Your website is not required, once you reach certain stage of readership we will contact you.”  With this, some are saying we will work hard and come back but some are giving negative comments, negative reviews and articles with the hope that the Producers will take them and keep in good books.

Media always play an important role in the society now. Now a days people are taking the initial step for anything after watching in the media. Even product buying, reviews and everything is based on media. So mnay producers are approaching media to have a good review on their movie and production.

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Big Challenge For Producers
Now a days there is a big challenge from the producers from the media to have the good reviews. So this time all the producers are taking care of media very much.