Tollywood Big Banners Support For Small Films

Tollywood Big Banners

The film industry is made of diverse film makers, wide range of audience and also several forms of budgets. Hence we classify films too as big, medium and small taking into account various factors. But ultimately, what matters is the success rate at the box office and that depends on various factors.

We see how big banners make a good presence on screen with big projects, lots of publicity and other activities. But there are many small films which fade away due to lack of proper support. Hence, big banners are now going for that extra mile.

Tollywood Big Banners

Tollywood Big Banners

They are offering good support for small films that are coming with some really nice content. Without their help, many small films may not survive. Banners like Vaarahi, Geetha Arts and PVP are offering good help for small movies.

This happens recently with the film Kshanam movie in Tollywood. Actually PVP never agree the movie with low budget of 50 crores. But Adivi Sesh made it possible with his script. The script of Kshanam is really awesome and it was impressed by PVP banner and this made the film into reality. Now the many films in Tollywood is completely based on script but not on the budget. This really helps Tollywood to grow in wide range.

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Tollywood Big Banners
Usually the big banners used to have only big projects in Tollywood. But now big banners like PVP, Geetha Arts, Varahi are supporting to take up the small films if the script is good.