Bhallala Deva Wife Role is Hidden Secret of Bahubali 2

Bhallala Deva Wife

The towering hunk Daggubati Rana in the role of Bhallala Deva gained as much fame as that of Hero Prabhas in Bahubali-The Beginning. His role of anti-hero was very much received by the audience, which showed his desire to force Anushka to like him.

Now since the sequel part shooting has started, there were speculations over who would be playing the role of Rana’s wife. Rana’s character is shown as having a son Adivi Sesh who gets killed by Shivudu in the film.

Bhallala Deva Wife

Bhallala Deva Wife

There were rumours that either Shriya or Lavanya Tripati would be seen as his wife. But Rana reportedly clarified that he won’t be having any wife even in the sequel of Bahubali which actually delves into flashback mode. Sources says that the team of Bahubali are not going to remove the secrets of  Bahubali 2 shooting secrets. Previously many are assumed that Shriya is going to play this role.

But recently when Shriya had an interview with the media she officially clarified that she didn’t get any offer from SS Rajamouli and she is not there in the Bahubali 2 shoot. Then immediately everyone’s focus shifted to Lavanya Tripati. Meanwhile Rana stated that he is not having wife. Let’s see what is going to happen in Bahubali 2.

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Bhallala Deva Wife
There are many secrets hidden in Bahubali, these all e\will be revealed in Bahubali part 2. Mostly viewers are waiting for Bhallala Deva wife role.