Bhakta Kannappa race for Manchu Vishnu and Prabhas

Bhakta Kannappa

The culture of remakes has picked up tremendously in the last few years but most of them are commercial flicks. But if someone is attempting to remake a mythological it is something to be thought of. One such film in discussion has been Bhakta Kannappa.

The original had rebel star Krishnamraju and this gave him the much needed stardom. Now, there is news that Krishnamraju is keen to remake it with his brother’s son young rebel star Prabhas. On the other hand, dynamic star Manchu Vishnu is doing some serious work on that.

Bhakta Kannappa

Bhakta Kannappa

Those who are observing the whole issue say that Krishnamraju stating about Prabhas being part of the project is a different issue but the real interest seems to be coming from Manchu Vishnu. No  matter who does it, the attention and excitement will be there for this film.

But many are expecting that Prabhas to be appeared in this movie. This is because there will be family fan support in the film industry. Also Manchu Vishnu can work for that because he had more keen on that. But sources says that Prabhas won’t appear so soon in Bhakta Kannapa movie because he is very much busy with his Bahubali 2 schedule.

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Bhakta Kannappa
There is a high competition for the remake of Bhakta Kannappa in the film industry. Upto now Prabhas and Manchu Vishnu are getting redy for competition for lead role in this movie.