Betting On And Nandamuris for Sankranthi

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Nandamuris for Sankranthi

Nandamuris for Sankranthi is the special betting in the year 2016. The month of January is not just about harvesting season or celebrating Sankranthi. It is also about having the much awaited fights which take place in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh. Many noted people go to take part in it.

Usually, fights were meant to be just for fun and tradition but now it has become one serious betting racket. At that point, even other issues are also brought into the midst of gambling. In that aspect, not just fights even the Nandamuri fight has come into the betting.

Nandamuris for SankranthiThe gambles are on and stakes are being placed on whether ‘Nannaku Prematho’ of young tiger Junior NTR or ‘Dictator’ of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna would be a hit at the box office. Buzz is that crores of rupees betting is happening on this.

As there are two movies from one family of Nandamuri there will be a great betting sequence between the fans of Nandamuri family. Always when there is a movie from Nandamuri family there used to be Nandamuri fans. But this time the situation is reverse. There are Balakrishna fans and NTR fans this time which is going to create rapid sensation in the film industry.

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Nandamuris for Sankranthi
Two films from the same Nandamuri family creating sensation in the film industry and betting among the fans.