Balayya Acts in Guntur Talkies

Guntur Talkies

There is a certain aura that develops once an actor attains stardom. And then there are those actors who come with a legacy which builds an air of respect and high regard for them. So, when they want to be themselves, those around with lesser intellect interpret it in a rustic manner. Recently Guntur Talkies Trailer Launch is held.

Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna has a very powerful image and status in Tollywood and even today, his films are a mania among the masses. Off the screen, he is known for his friendly banter and pun intended fun with the actresses. Given the straightforward and transparent nature he has, he doesn’t mind that fun even in front of the media.

Guntur Talkies

Guntur Talkies

Recently, Balayya was seen as the chief guest for the trailer launch of ‘Guntur Talkies’ and he came up with few jovial lines addressing heroine Shraddha Das, anchor Shilpa Chakravarthy. Some media entities took this as the cue and started cooking up spicy gossip stuff but here is a truth no one can deny.

Balayya has got a child in him that surfaces now and then. Despite his aura and his background, Balayya doesn’t mind showing the child in him in front of ordinary people. During Memu Saitham song, he did something similar with singers Kousalya and Malavika which was thoroughly enjoyed by all including the singers themselves. So, it is only those cheap minds interpreting as vulgar but those who are sensible know it is nothing but Balayya’s Childlike nature and his clean heart.

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Guntur Talkies
Balakrishna appeared as a special guest for Guntur Talkies movie Trailer Launch and in the launch the behavior of Balayya is very childish in nature.