BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy in Visakha Utsav


BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy created a sensation in the Tollywood. When you think of cigarette or cigar, you can only feel that it is not good for health and such things should not be encouraged. But here is one big Tollywood hero who has given clarity on how a cigar is not dangerous and in fact it is healthy.

We call it ‘Chutta’ in Telugu and the star in discussion is Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna. Recently he was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly revealed how he wakes up at 3.30 am and first has a cigar before he starts his day.

BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy

BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy

According to Balayya, having a cigar ensures his voice gets a deep tone and the base also becomes nice. Apparently, he learn this habit from his father, the great N T Rama Rao. In a way, BalaKrishan is endorsing this but it is not sure how much acceptance will come for this.

This is taught by Balayya as a open statement in Visakha Utsav and this made everyone shock in the program. He directly announced about his daily life habits and the most important thing he do in the morning is taking a cigar which makes him to feel healthy life long. This may be the reason for his powerful dialogues in the movie with his base voice.

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BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy
BalaKrishna Cigarette Philosophy in Visakha Utsav creating a confusion in his fans whether it is good for use or not.