‘Bahubali’ Shocks Again



Bahubali shocks again with high TRP in small screen also. Among the hundreds of films that come there are only those handful which create that right kind of impact among the audience. Their repeat value is also very strong and in the recent list, the name of the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’ stands first.

The film has created a major ripple across India and few other countries and showed its power at the box office. At the same time, it has repeated the same power even in small screen when it was premiered few months back. But still, the craze for this exists.

BahubaliThe film was screened in MAA channel yesterday in the evening and all got glued to it. Given the fact that it was a weekend, the response to the screening was overwhelming and it is heard that the TRP was at its peak. This is indeed a good sign.

Bahubali not only helped out to show up the range of Tollywood, it also helping the small screens for increasing their TRP. MAA channel getting the high TRP value whenever Bahubali is telecasting in their channel. This is the second time to show up the movie in small screen and this shows up how people are crazy about the movie.

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Bahubali Shocks Again
Sensational movie in Tollywood creating sensation on the small screen which increases the channel TRP's within one day.