Bahubali Family Conquer


The name Bahubali doesn’t require any introduction because it is the title of the magnum opus which created shock waves throughout India. In that, young rebel star Prabhas did the title role and since then, many are calling him as Bahubali. Now, his family looks set to conquer Tollywood.

The reason we say this is after hearing the news that a cousin of Prabhas named Ravi Varma is all set to make his debut as a hero. His film is going to be directed by Debutante Choudappa and other details will be revealed soon. Those who saw Ravi Varma are saying he looks good.

Bahubali Family

Bahubali Family

However, looks are just one aspect. Ravi Varma has to deliver that right kind of performance with the right script to sustain in this competitive industry. The good side is, he has got the push from Prabhas and his fans. Here’s wishing him the best of success.

Bahubali part 2 making is going on and it is heard that recently a secret schedule took place in Kerala and some important scenes were canned. The young rebel star Prabhas is also taking part in the shootings and his part is being done aggressively. Keep watching this space for further details.

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Bahubali Family
Other young hero is going to launch from Prabhas family. Ravi Varma cousin of Prabhas is going to act in a movie directed by Debutante Choudappa.