Attack On Kona Venkat Damages ‘Dictator’?

Attack On Kona Venkat Damages 'Dictator'

Attack On Kona Venkat Damages ‘Dictator

Attack On Kona Venkat Damages Dictator is the latest Goosip. Lately, a trend is being noticed in Tollywood wherein the star writer Kona Venkat is coming under scathing attack for no reason. Many feel this is the envy of those who cannot bear to see his rise to stardom.

By attacking Kona Venkat they are also finding a new thrill but this has led to a new question, will this negative talk affect Kona’s next project ‘Dictator’. The intellectuals say if content is good then all will forget.

On the other hand, they add that nobody would damage a movie just because they have some malice towards Kona. Whatever it may be, this is a testing time for Kona so let us wish he gets through this smoothly.

Kona Venkat a director in the film industry had his attention towards the success. But now some people are making him drag back for his success. Kona Venkat not only a director he is an all-rounder in the film industry.

He is screen writer, producer, dialog writer, lyricist who is an multi talented in the film industry has his own success in Tollywood. From 2003 to 2016 he made many successful films which got a good hits in his career.

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