AR Rahman Welcomes New Composer

AR Rahman Welcomes New Composer

All it takes is one small tweet or a statement from a big celebrity to change the lives of regularly talented individuals. We have seen how the life of Sampoornesh Babu changed with one tweet from the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli.

Now, the Mozart of Madras AR Rahman has come up with a small line on his Facebook account which has made a child a celebrity. We are talking about a eleven year old boy named Raghav and he happens to be an expert drummer and guitarist.

AR Rahman Welcomes New ComposerAR Rahman Welcomes New Composer

AR Rahman Welcomes New Composer

While it is not sure how Rahman discovered this child prodigy but the little boy sure has talent and mettle in music. He welcomed the little kid on his social networking profile and this gentle push from Rahman is sure to change the fortunes of Raghav in no time.

There are more number of young talents waiting for a single opportunity to prove themselves. But there are no person to offer the chances. But this time AR Rahman came up with a new buzz by offering the chances to the young boy Raghav to play drums and guitar. This is the golden chance for Raghav to prove himself infront of AR Rahman.

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AR Rahman Welcomes New Composer
AR Rahman is offering chance to Raghav to prove himself in playing drums and guitar and if get succeeded then film industry have a new composer.