Anushka for Bahubali 2 shows Hardest Work Ever

Anushka for Bahubali 2

The general understanding of a heroine’s role is that she would have to dance in songs, do some romantic scenes and be there for the melodrama scenes. The rest of the hard work is done by the heroes. All this has now become a thing of the past.

These days, heroines are going on par with the heroes and some of them are indulging in stunts and fights as well. One such heroine is the awesome beauty Anushka. She has learnt horse riding and sword fighting for her films ‘Bahubali’ ‘Rudhramadevi’. Similarly, she also put on many kilos of weight.

Anushka for Bahubali 2

Anushka for Bahubali 2

This was for her film ‘Size Zero’ and now it is heard that Anushka is doing her hardest work ever. This is the weight reduction process that she has gotten into. She has to shoot for ‘Bahubali-The Conclusion’ and look very slender and fresh.

This is really great part of Anushka because she was giving her best in acting and she was learning everything very hard. She is one of the best human being in the film industry who lives friendly to each and every technician in the sets. This is the most hidden secret for her success. Best of success to you Anushka!

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Anushka for Bahubali 2
Anushka has put on weight for her last movie Size Zero and now for Bahubali 2 she is trying to reduce her weight to look fresh on the screen again.