Anushka Bahubali 2 is going to Shock Everyone

Anushka Bahubali 2

In order to create that difference and keep the excitement factor on, it is important for the actors and actresses to come up with variety appearances and different looks. Of course, it is also important that such different looks should sit well on them.

This also includes their personality and based on the roles and characters, they tend to increase or decrease their weight. In this regard, one actress is preparing to shock everyone. She is none other than the awesome beauty Anushka and here is an update.

Anushka Bahubali 2

Anushka Bahubali 2

It is heard that Anushka is sweating it out with some rigorous workout schedules and she is going to be seen in a complete slim and trim avatar. This is for her magnum opus Bahubali 2 and buzz is that this new avatar of Anushka will definitely give a special kick to her fans and admirers.

For the movie Size Zero Anushka additionally put on weight. After that movie immediately Bahubali 2 shooting got started. now she is trying hard to decrease the weight again in a healthy way. In the meanwhile she also appeared in a small character role in Soggade Chinni Nayana movie along with Nagarjuna. Hope Anushka will soon reduce her weight.

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Anushka Bahubali 2
Anushka trying to reduce her weight for Bahubali 2. She is taking of heavy work outs for this movie. It is because she additionally put on weight for Size Zero Movie.